Mark WoodleyMark Woodley
Passed driving test with 3 minors.
I was with 2 instructors before Shabbir. I can honestly say he is the best instructor I've been with.

He's really flexible with lessons, me working more then 40 hours a week he still managed to fit me in. He helped me build confidence on the road with his structure lessons finding what my weak points in driving are and improving them.

If your going to go with anyone go with Shabbir he will tell you if your ready for your test, when some other driving instructors will just take money from you.

Jack Gosden-KayeJack Gosden-Kaye
When I first started to learn to drive - with my parents - I found driving overwhelming and rather daunting.
I then started having lessons with Shabbir. He managed to fill me with confidence and put me at ease when I was behind the wheel. Shabbir set me achievable goals each lesson, this enabled my driving skills to improve in leaps and bounds. Thankfully with Shabbir's expertise and calming influence, I managed to pass first time with just one minor! I would highly recommend him as an instructor.

Fiona CounsellFiona Counsell
I would definitely recommend Shabbir as an excellent driving instructor to learn to drive with. I've been delighted with how things have gone from initial contact to the day of the test. Shabbir gave an honest assessment of my existing skills and put together a great learning schedule which would help me achieve my goal by my target date. Shabbir paid close attention to how I learn best and adapted his teaching style to suit me.

Shabbir was always calm and patient (even when I messed up) but was also focussed and paid rigorous attention to my driving. Shabbir's careful teaching not only enabled me to pass the test but has also established safe driving habits for life.

Thank you Shabbir!

Florence McLeanFlorence McLean
Shabbir was an excellent instructor right from the first lesson. I found the prospect of learning to drive quite daunting, however Shabbir was always patient and reassuring. He encouraged me to make progress each lesson by setting out both a lesson plan at the start, and a de-brief at the end. Although Shabbir takes his teaching very seriously he's also got a sense of humour and manages to make learning to drive fun. He is also helpful in accommodating extra lessons when and if you feel you need them and he was always very reliable. I really wanted to pass first time and Shabbir helped me to do this in the run up to my test with lots of very focused lessons. I couldn't recommend him enough.

Mithun SorturMithun Sortur
Shabbir is a great guide with great qualities. He is strict in a positive way. Shabbir explained why each and every manoeuvre or observation is important. He is really patient and would not mind to teach you any number of times. He is my first driving instructor and couldn't have asked for a better one. He organised the lessons well, made me feel confident and we picked it up from where we left last time. He is flexible in terms of timing and he has always tried to get me a best rota. Thank you so much for getting me the license and I would recommend Shabbir greatly to all the new learners and persevering drivers. Thank you so much.

Ebonn CharlesEbonn Charles
I would like to thank Shabbir for helping me pass first time on my driving test. He made made it easy for me to learn and catered to my way of thinking to help me accomplish my goal. I now have confidence in my ability and I can say I have been transformed into a responsible and safe driver. Thank you again Shabbir.

Sarah WhiteSarah White
Pass Plus
I was an older learner driver than most, having never really needed to learn since turning 17. Therefore I really appreciated the way that Shabbir taught, in a very logical manner that was never patronising. The manoeuvres were well explained using diagrams, and the maps were especially useful for preparing for Oxford's roundabouts. Also, his good organisation meant that we were able to arrange regular lessons despite my already tight schedule. With Shabbir being a good judge of my readiness, I passed first time! I'd also to thank him for building my confidence with regard to motorways, as part of the Pass Plus course. This is really important for making new drivers safe along the faster roads.

Emily CooperEmily Cooper
Learning to drive with Shabbir is best thing I have ever done! He puts you at ease all the time even if you mess up on something and he always encourages you to be the best you can. And thanks to him I passed second time with only 4 minors! I can't recommend him enough he's a great instructor, thanks for everything Shabbir!!!

Laura CoughtreyLaura Coughtrey
The Intensive driving course I took really helped me to build my confidence and the instructor was able to analyse the areas which I needed the most work on. It would have taken me 10 times longer to learn to drive without having done this course!

Robyn SchmidtRobyn Schmidt
Shabbir was my first driving instructor and I couldn't have made a better choice. His calm and patient manner really helped me to relax during lessons and his precise step-by-step instructions made even the more complicated manoeuvres seem simple. He always encouraged me to drive positively which helped to quickly overcome the hesitancy any new driver will likely experience when first taking lessons. His times are very flexible and he didn't mind coming to pick me up from a small village outside Abingdon for lessons. I have now passed my test first time and I think that just highlights Shabbir's qualities as an instructor.

Ianto CannonIanto Cannon
I would recommend Shabbir to anyone trying to pass their test. He told me exactly what I needed to do in simple terms. Most importantly, he was calm.I was surprised by how quickly I went from being a total beginner to driving on larger roads. Shabbir is a great teacher and learning to drive with him was enjoyable.

Ryan GrantRyan Grant
I had 2 driving instructors before I met Shabbir and I can honestly say, none made me feel more at ease than Shabbir. He made me feel very confident in myself and my driving ability, which helped me immensely pass first time with only 1 minor. One of the many things I liked about Shabbir was his willingness to listen to my concerns and showing me the correct way. I am confident in saying that I would recommend anyone to Shabbir (As I already have done) as he will try to help you pass in as little time as possible. Thank you so much, I am very appreciative of your help in getting me my full drivers license.

Paul GouldingPaul Goulding
Shabbir was my first and only instructor, but such is his expertise, calmness and attentiveness, I can't imagine that there are many better. He has a way of breaking anything that seems complicated down to simple parts and has made the object driving safely and well something easily and quickly attainable.

Shabbir always ensured that I knew what I had done well in a lesson, and what needed to be worked on the next time, and his willingness to give lessons whenever was most suitable to me is something for which I am very grateful. I have enjoyed learning to drive under Shabbir's tutelage, feel confident on the road even in as difficult a place to drive as Oxford, and would not hesitate to recommend him to other prospective or persevering learners.

Marvin EkpitetaMarvin Ekpiteta
Shabbir is a great driving instructor with extremely flexible times. He showed me everything I needed in time for my test and made me feel confident and not so nervous. Shabbir listens and understands what you want/need which makes every lesson enjoyable, I would fully recommend him.

Sarah TaiSarah Tai
In my opinion, Shabbir is one of the best, if not the best, driving instructors in Oxford. I failed my test three times before coming to Shabbir, and was convinced that I was not destined to ever drive solo. "I'll never pass" I whined to my parents as they essentially forced me to start taking lessons again. However, from the first lesson, Shabbir was great at building up my confidence, and showing me new ways to tackle traffic so that by the time I took my test, I passed with only one minor! Shabbir is patient and encouraging, and very good at trouble shooting problems, be it manoeuvres or general driving. I would (and already have) definitely recommend Shabbir to anyone learning to drive. It was the best decision I made. Thanks Shabbir!

Keziah AustinKeziah Austin
You will not regret learning to drive with Shabbir - he has the perfect combination of motivation and patience. Every lesson was planned so that there were achievable goals, and they were fun as well as focused on that all-important pass. I've had a few other instructors in the past but noone built up my confidence and skill set like Shabbir. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend him - you WILL pass with Shabbir!

Jasmine Smith
I passed my driving test with only two minors, through learning to drive with Shabbir. One of Shabbir's strong points was his use of praise when I was driving, which helped me to measure my progress and improved my confidence. Moreover, Shabbir was patient, friendly and calm and remained so even when I made mistakes. After every lesson Shabbir told me what went well in a lesson, and what I needed to improve on, and we would consequently work on the areas of improvement in the next lesson. Another reason I chose Shabbir was that he was available on both days of the weekend, and always tried his best to fit me in at a time suitable for me. I would certainly recommend Shabbir to anybody learning to drive. Thanks, Shabbir!

Naida AlvesNaida Alves
I started my driving lessons as a very nervous driver, but with Shabbir's encouragement, calm approach, humour and determination for me to succeed, he made me into a capable and confident driver and I passed first time!

Shabbir never gave up, even when I felt like it. So, I want to say a huge thank you for Shabbir for getting me through my learner driver experience.

Octovia MonteiroOctovia Monteiro
A person with patience and rules, someone who takes you to the 'give way' line and then boosts your confidence with a strong 'go ahead', who is quick to point out mistakes but even hurried with praises when you are in the 'right lane' - This is my 'moment of glory' as they call it, having passed with Shabbir's guidance.

Goal oriented approach; methodical teaching and manoeuvring to perfection are things that best describe Shabbir's way of coaching. I have already recommended two people who have started with Shabbir and I will continue to, if I get a chance.

If you are in Oxford and want to hit the roads in confidence (and style) - Shabbir is the one to go for.

Benjamine JefferyBenjamine Jeffery
Thanks to Shabbir I passed first time after doing the 10 Week Pass Course. His patient, friendly tuition gave me the confidence to continually push my driving forward.

I was surprised at how quickly I picked things up, which was mainly due to Shabbir's highly methodical approach which he tailored to my individual learning style.

Not a minute of a lesson was wasted as the homework DVD and book let you prepare at home, saving all the lesson time for driving. Highly recommended!

Steve HarriganSteve Harrigan
I wanted to get my license quickly so after browsing the net opted for the semi-intensive course with Shabbir. I found him a clear and patient teacher and after a month of his instruction I passed my test first time. Very pleased.

Gary FosterGary Foster
Shabbir was a fantastic and patient teacher. Having different instructors I am confident to say that Shabbir was the best one and as proof I passed my test first time! I will recommend any leaner to go with Shabbir.

Robert AtkinsonRobert Atkinson
I was someone who was resitting thier test after several years out of the driving seat, and was very nervous indeed which is an understatement! The first time I met Shabbir was like meeting a long lost mate, we got on straight away which then made me feel at ease.

Throughout the number of weeks Shabbir taught me the various manoeuvers, I felt every confidence in passing first time, which I did. I will be bigging up Shabbir to anyone I know who is looking to take driving lessons, whether it's their first time or their resitting their test.

Jamie JordanJamie Jordan
Shabbir's calm approach inspired confidence. Well-structured lessons, clear explanations and lots of patience took the stress out of learning to drive, and his thorough teaching made my test a relaxed and easy experience. He's a genuinely nice guy who I'll be recommending to my friends.

Aidan WattsAidan Watts
I would definitely recommend Shabbir as your driving instructor. Not only is he reliable, and has competitive rates, but unlike most instructors he really does try to pass you in as few lessons as possible, while still maintaining patience with certain areas of driving you may find harder to pick up, so you never feel uncertain or rushed!

Adesayo AdekoyaAdesayo Adekoya
I had a total of 3 driving instructors before I met Shabbir, and honestly none had the amount of patience I witnessed with Shabbir. One thing I liked was that each time I made silly errors, he was quick to point out where I went wrong. After my few lessons with Shabbir, I am today a Qualified Driver. If you need a patient instructor who can get you confident behind the wheels, Shabbir is the man. Need I say more? Give him a call.

Aysha AslamAysha Aslam
I have had bad experiences with other instructors and was left feeling that I would never pass. Shabbir helped me build my confidence and become a safe and effective driver. My lessons were structured with outlined objectives which we reviewed at the end of each lesson and then set new objectives for the next lesson. Unlike other instructors I had, Shabbir provided a positive environment in which to learn to drive and made every lesson count. Where I found something difficult, Shabbir made things easy to understand and helped me to gain a full understanding. Shabbir supported me every step of the way and made sure I was completely ready to pass the test, I would definitely recommend him to others.

Sonya ScammellSonya Scammell
Shabbir is a calm and patient instructor who puts you at ease with his friendly charisma. The relaxed and enjoyable lessons built up my confidence to become a safe driver. Thanks Shabbir, I'll recommend you to all the learners I know!

Julie KelmanJulie Kelman
I was a really nervous student, but Shabbirs brilliant teaching techniques put me at ease and helped me reach my goal. I can't thank Shabbir enough.

Ijaz Farman AliIjaz Farman Ali
In my point of view the Driving Test is not the test how to drive, it is a test of self confidence, safe-decision making, hazard perceptions and quick responses. Thanks to Shabbir and his friendly, positive and constructive approach which made this task easier for me.

Raymond RizkRaymond Rizk
I found Shabbir to be a great instructor. He was always supportive and encouraging. He helped me understand my mistakes and weak points and how to improve my driving skills. Thanks to him I was able to pass my driving test. I would recommend Shabbir to anyone as he is one of the best instructors out there.

I had failed my driving test 3 times before doing an intensive driving course with Shabbir and with his help I passed first time in Oxford. Each lesson had a goal from the outset that meant that I had a sense of accomplishment every step of the way and knew when I was ready for my test. Shabbir made it so easy that after I passed I was left confused as to what all the fuss had been about.

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